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BRIC INVEST offers interested parties conservative, profitable and speculative innovation scenarios with particular future potential. Special investment opportunities in the latest trends and technologies, offering unique growth potential, are our unique selling point.

From our global group activities in the financing and implementation of large-scale investments in the field of innovative technologies, renewable energies and alternative currencies, we regularly come upon highly attractive investments or investment models that in some cases we can make available for the public as well.

BRIC INVEST is specialized in identifying outstanding, unique investment opportunities for all interested parties and presents them with profitable, speculative innovation scenarios that have high future potential and offer investors direct access to the latest trends and technologies of the global markets.

BRIC INVEST is a subsidiary of BRIC HOLDING SE that holds strategic interests such as www.bric-energy.com in the field of E-Health, energy and real estate.


redBUX: the crypto currency for the future of the adult industry!

Developed as a payment method for the ecosystem that currently evolves around the new virtual erotic worlds, redBUX has been already embraced by leading international adult media corporations such as Wicked Pictures or iwantEmpire. Having already agreed to accept redBUX as their only virtual currency in their worlds of experience, their acceptance of redBUX soon will result in tens of thousands of redBUX-transactions a day!



Strong strategic partner bets on reBUX success

In our opinion, the redBUX-ICO has the potential to become a huge success story. You now have the unique opportunity to sign up in the so-called whitelist in advance of this ICO, so you can draw these tokens first. The whitelist is limited to only 50,000 people. So you do not have much time left.

Sign redBUX tokens NOW with 50% pre-sale bonus!

In a few days pre-sales of the redBUX tokens will begin - and thus the countdown for the introduction of one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies ever. Investors can now purchase redBUX tokens from BRIC INVEST with a 50% PRE-SALE bonus.

The ecosystem of the redBUX token

Cryptocurrencies are sprouting like mushrooms. The digital currencies are created against the background of the blockchain technique. Often, the limited token count is cited as the main argument that the value of the token will increase. In addition to availability, however, the possibilities of using the token also play an essential role: one speaks of the so-called ecosystem.

me.mento invents the virtual Reeperbahn and the RedBUX Token

The Berlin start-up me.mento is a 3-D and VR specialist with a technological lead of three years. vrXcity will be the world's first adult interactive VR adult erotica platform to open in mid-2018. The company has already secured 700 scans of adult stars. The public pre-sale of the redBUX token starts on March 22.